Trout Lake Residence

A new custom home inspires creativity and offers budget-friendly comfort.

Our client purchased her site with a manufactured home in place, where she lived for a year before asking us to help her design her forever home. This gave her time to develop her vision of a modern form with plenty of daylight and a strong connection to the property’s north facing view of Mount Adams. We helped balance that vision with elements to support her active lifestyle, her creative endeavors in fabric arts and furniture building, and a desire for maintaining a certain level of comfort over week-long winter power outages – and of course, her budget. We are all very pleased with the result! 

The main floor is completely accessible with all aspects of daily living provided on one level, and with wide doorways to accommodate any need for assisted mobility. The master bath is also the guest bath, complete with a surprising view over the Japanese soaking tub where a vanity mirror would be expected. The upper floor is essentially an open loft with amazing views of the mountain, and space for crafts, meditation, and occasional overnight guests. Covered outdoor areas invite an easy connection with the natural surroundings.