Park Street Healing Arts

The owners of this North Bend clinic had been looking for their own building for several years. When this former day care location came on the market just down the street from their leased space, they jumped on it! We had worked on a home remodel with them few years before, and were happy to help envision and transition their business into its new home as well. The space now is calming, welcoming, and relaxing – just what we set out to achieve.

The existing entry porch was reconfigured with a ramp to improve accessibility. The ramp is made of the reused wood from the original porch. The original ground floor space was an open plan. This area was subdivided to create a reception and waiting area, treatment rooms, and office space.

The second floor was opened up as much as possible to bring in more daylight, and the treatment rooms on this level were carefully divided to preserve both the functionality and exterior appearance of the existing windows.