II. Program and Feasibility

Programming is a research and discovery phase, where we explore many questions and answers. Several research tools are used at this stage, depending on your project type. We visit the building site to get familiar with its gifts and surroundings, and develop a few thumbnail sketches to get the juices flowing. These activities and follow up discussions help determine what options you would like to include in the design and in our services.

For Custom Homes and Remodel projects, we provide you a series of questionnaires to help you think about how you want to live, which guide us when we design your new space. We also really appreciate any inspirational images you can share to help us understand your aesthetic.

For Business and Community projects, a Master Planning process is a better programming tool. This can include a Charrette with your team of stakeholders, followed with a written outline that is used to help direct each phase of the project.

We believe in a team approach, so if you have a building contractor selected, we like to bring them in to the conversation at this early stage. If needed, we can suggest contractors and associates to join the team.