III. Schematic Design

The Schematic Design is the first phase of the drawing-producing services. This includes a basic layout of proposed floor plans, the building(s) located on a site plan, outlines of the most prominent exterior elevations, and a simple massing model of the structure. We present these for your review and discuss possible refinements.

If there are major revisions, a second schematic design is done before completion of this phase. After the review and refinements are noted, your builder will be tasked with creating a ballpark estimate of the construction cost. If the cost range is not within your comfort level, this is the best time for adjustments before moving forward.

With an Integrated Design approach, this phase will include at least one in-depth team meeting and follow up discussions to identify which elements provide the biggest offset to others, such as a better building envelope for a smaller heating/cooling system.

Architectural fees can now be determined for the remainder of the project. Fees are based on the complexity of the building and site, the code enforcement jurisdiction, and the level of service we agree on. A Services Contract is prepared for you to sign, and we are set to continue!