V. Construction Documents

Blueprints, Permits, Action! We take care in preparing accurate plans to build from, so there are no surprises in the field: 35% to 50% of our time is spent in this phase. There are several levels of Construction Documentation, and we are happy to customize our services for individual project needs.

Basic service levels provide you with permit-ready documents when complete. However, permit documents do not address the finish details which pull a project together, create a Net Positive building, nor specify healthy or sustainable products. Some of our custom home clients also want to build their own place, which requires a higher level of documentation than for drawings used by a seasoned contractor.

We offer a variety of expanded services to create a custom fit. We discuss what services best suit your needs, and their estimated fees, during the Program and Design phases. With an Integrated Design approach, this phase focuses on documenting the design decisions and systems coordination completed in earlier phases.