IV. Design Development

Now we start moving forward with one design, and develop it further (hence the name!). This includes refined floor plans, a site plan, all exterior elevations and building sections with related interior elevations. The massing model can also be further developed in this phase to study detail elements and finishes. If specifications are part of our agreed on services, we include an outline to help guide and record choices. This is also when we integrate Landscape and Interior Design team members.

The Structural Engineering consultant starts their design work in the Design Development phase, so we meet with them to go through options that best meet your program and goals. Structural elements can be expressed or hidden in a building, and different solutions are more appropriate for each of these directions.

We typically expect to spend about 20% of our total effort here, including 2 to 4 client meetings.

Once the design drawings and outline specifications have been approved by all parties, we are ready to shift to Phase 5; Construction Documents!